Part 2 - Django For Beginners

October 18th, 2020 1 min read

In this part of the series Django For Beginners we are going to see about installation of django. Installation of django is straight foreward,

Installing Python

If you have python installed on your system you may skip this part, 3.6 and later versions of python to install one head on to And head on to Downloads section and install latest python version supported by your system and running the installer.

Installing Django

Installation of Django is straight foreward, with python comes pip pre-install you can check it by running following pip in teminal. If it throws any error then simple reinstall Python and it should solve your problem. Then enter the following command to install django,

pip install django

And will download and install django on your system for you.

Creating First Django Project

Navigate to directory where you want to create where you want to create your first django project and enter the following commands,

django-admin startproject myDjangoSite
cd myDjangoSite
python runserver

And after doing this your first django program will be created and it will be running live on localhost:8000.

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