Part 3 - Exploring Django Project Structure

October 18th, 2020 2 min read

In this part of the series Django For Beginners we are going to explore project struture of a new Django project which we create in last part check it out here after installing Django.

The poject structure should look something like this,

 📂 myDjangoSite
	- 📂 myDjangoSite
		- 📄
		- 📄
		- 📄
		- 📄
		- 📄
	- 📄

As redicilious it may sound it is you have folder with same name that is myDjangoSite inside myDjangoSite. Let this be aside it is for a good think we will learn about it later,

  1. : It is entry point of our Django application, we should not touch this file. It is used by django.
  2. : It is a empty file and is used to treat the directory as a package.
  3. : It is used to manage asgi server, it is used at the time of deployment.
  4. : It is used to manage wsgi server, it is used at the time of deployment.
  5. : It is a file contaning all the settings of our Django application.
  6. : It is a file used to store url patterns for our Django application.

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